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NanoSuction Holder for Phones, Cases & Tablets

  • A mobile device holder that works in your car and home
  • Wherever you are, NanoHold holds mobile devices to smooth, flat surfaces
  • It’s like having another person hold your phone
  • NanoHold material has microscopic suction “cups”
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Protective Cover Included


Each NanoHold comes with a cover to protect the NanoSuction.

The cover is a two-sided plastic card in black and white to match your device.

Cleaning your NanoHold daily improves suction and makes for a strong hold.

How does NanoHold stick?


NanoHold material has microscopic suction “cups”.

They stick on surfaces without being sticky.

And, NanoHolds do not leave a residue (because of suction).

What will a NanoHold stick on?

NanoHolds stick on to clean, flat, smooth, dry, non-porous surfaces including:





TV/Computer Screens

Dry Erase Board


Finished Wood Cabinets

and Much More!

Will NanoHolds work with my device or case?


NanoHolds work on devices with flat backs.

NanoHolds work on flat cases.

Free Shipping Worldwide




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Affordable!    Convenient!    Easy!    Fun!    Useful!

With NanoHold, it is easy to take a stellar full-length group or individual selfie that can even include your gorgeous setting!

NanoHold allows you to actually follow along with how-to videos!

Use your NanoHold to keep a tablet nearby for family lists or calendars!

NanoHold allows you to keep your recipes accessible as you cook while keeping your phone/tablet out of the mess!

With NanoHold, you can easily access useful apps while you work/present projects!


Clean the flat, back side of your device and dry thoroughly.

Remove the WHITE liner from the adhesive side of the NanoHold.

Attach the NanoHold to the back side of your device.

Remove the very thin, cellophane-like, CLEAR liner from the nanosuction side of the NanoHold.

Before using for the first time, rub the NanoHold on a towel or your  clothing to decrease suction.  This will make it easier to remove the  device from the surface.  Initially, the suction is very strong.

Use ONLY on flat, smooth, dry, clean, nonporous surfaces that can withstand strong suction and removal without damage. Press device with the NanoHold to selected surface.

Test suction contact before releasing device by giving it a slight pull. Do NOT let go of your device until you are 100% sure that there is suction contact sufficient to hold your device. Suction contact time is variable.


  • Clean your NanoHold frequently with a damp cloth or cellophane tape.
  • Use your protective cover when your NanoHold is not in use.
  • Use the cover as a wedge behind your device to help remove and loosen suction.
  • Rub the NanoHold on a towel or your garment to decrease initial suction.  Initially the suction is very strong.  After a few uses, suction becomes less.  You will need to clean it to reactivate suction. Clean by rubbing with a damp cloth for 10 seconds.
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One for $8.99


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