Frequently Asked Questions

How do NanoHolds stick?

NanoHold material has microscopic suction “cups”.

Part5_NanoHold cropped no measurements

NanoHolds stick to surfaces without being sticky. NanoHolds do not leave a residue (because suction).

What will NanoHolds stick on?

NamoHolds stick to clean, flat, smooth, dry, non-porous surfaces including: Glass/Metal/Acrylic/Mirrors/Screens/Dry Erase Board/Tile/Finished Wood Cabinets/Even Some Walls


Will a NanoHold work with my device or case?

NanoHolds work on devices with flat backs. They work on flat cases.

How do I use NanoHolds?

A NanoHold has two sides, one side with suction (blue in the diagram) and the other side with adhesion (red in the diagram). Both sides have a protective liner that must be removed to use the product. stuckonz2_thinner_foil1025

To use your NanoHold, first remove the paper protective liner and stick the adhesion side to your device or case. Then on the other side, remove the clear plastic liner and gently press the NanoHold to the chosen surface.

Can I take the NanoHold off my device once it is installed?

Yes. NanoHolds are removable.

What size are NanoHolds?

NanoHolds are the size of a credit card: 85,6 mm x 53.98 mm (3.37″ x 2.125″). They have an ultra-thin profile, just 0.5 mm (0.02 or 1/50th of an inch). The average credit card is about 50% thicker than a NanoHold.

Part5_stuckonz creditcard only cropped

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What color are NanoHolds?

NanoHolds come in black or white. You can have any color you like, as long as it is black or white. BLACK WHITE CROPPED     black and white standing up stuckonz smaller

Can NanoHolds be used with tablets?

Yes. Just use two or more NanoHolds depending on the size of your tablet.


How do I take care of my NanoHold?

NanoHolds come with a cover to protect them and extend their life. Clean and rejuvenate your NanoHold by wiping it with a damp cloth or paper towel and allowing it to dry. You can also use tape (like Scotch Tape) to clean its surface. Be sure to use your cover at all times when not in use.

clean with damp cloth

Will NanoHold interfere with induction charging, WIFI or other wireless functions?

NanoHolds will not interfere with induction charging, and actually helps by keeping your device from coming off the induction charger accidentally. It will not interfere with WIFI, Bluetooth, NFC, or other wireless functions of your device.

Will a NanoHold work on horizontal surfaces too?

NanoHolds work like an anti-slip pad when laid flat, to help prevent your device from moving around or falling.

Does temperature affect a NanoHold?

NanoHolds work in normal living temperatures from 0° C/32° F to  120° F/50° C.

How long will my NanoHold last?

NanoHolds keep suction power over time if kept clean and undamaged. A well cared for and undamaged one will last many months to years. Use a cover, one is provided with the product. By cleaning your NanoHold with a damp cloth or paper towel, you can repeatedly rejuvenate and indefinitely extend the useful life of your NanoHold. If it becomes damaged replace it with a new NanoHold.

Can I use my own protective cover with NanoHold?

Yes. Choose your favorite object that is the size of a credit card. A laminated, plastic, or glossy object works best. Examples of covers can be ID cards, credit cards, photos, business cards, etc. Use your imagination and make your NanoHold even more fun.

What surfaces will not work with a NanoHold?

NanoHolds will not work on wet or oily surfaces or surfaces that are uneven, dirty, or porous. Certain chemicals or solvents can damage them. Unsure of your surface or suction contact? Exercise caution before letting go of your device.

What is the “NanoHold Test”?

Use the “NanoHold Test” to assess the suction contact with a slight pull on the device, like checking a suction cup for suction. The device should adhere tightly to and not come off of the surface. Do not let go of your device if it does not pass the “NanoHold Test” or if there is any doubt about whether there is sufficient suction to hold the device.

Will my NanoHold always work?

Test your application. Make sure the condition of the NanoHold, the surface chosen, and the suction contact are sufficient to support the device for the amount time you plan on NanoHold supporting the device. NanoHolds stick temporarily, and like all suction devices, the duration of suction cannot be predicted. Use NanoHolds responsibly and at your own risk. Be smart and enjoy your NanoHold safely.

How are NanoHolds made?

The top layer (blue in the diagram) of the NanoHold material has microscopic suction “cups” supported by a middle layer of soft foam (tan in the diagram). The bottom layer of each NanoHold sticks tightly to your device and is removable (red in the diagram). Diagram is not actual size and is not representative of the actual NanoHold.